(833) 537-1765

(833) 537-1765

Connecting Communities for Fun and Wellness

Introducing Wider Circle’s health and wellness programs with exclusive Connect for Life® events – now available in your community.

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Live Longer, Thrive Together

Wider Circle is a neighborhood-based organization that empowers members of the same community to live happier, healthier lives.

We partner with select health plans and physician groups in neighborhoods across the country to provide fun and educational in-person and virtual programs for members who share similar interests and life experiences.

Wider Circle’s events are an easy and fun way to make friends, stay active, and learn how to get the healthcare you deserve.


Learn Together

Connect with your neighbors through interest groups, educational events, and much more!

Find Friends

Meet new people, and share experiences with like-minded neighbors.

Health Education and Support

We help you understand your health plan benefits, choose the right doctors, and get the care you deserve.

Meet Where You Are, When You Can

Our groups meet both in-person and virtually. There’s no commitment, so just come as you are!

Wider Circle makes neighborhoods what they used to be – people looking out for each other.
- Marilyn
We are all so different, but we go in unity with each other when we come to Wider Circle. It doesn’t only bring us together as a group, it brings us together as friends, brothers, and sisters. We have so much fun!
- Jose
I love spending time with my friends at WC. I look forward to meeting up so we can talk about our lives and help each other out.
- Dave