Wider Circle Ambassador Program

The Wider Circle Ambassador program enhances our Connect for Life communities by offering opportunities for members to deepen their engagement and share their interests, skills, and passions with others. Through community development and peer to peer connections, Ambassadors ensure we deliver on our mission of “connecting neighbors for better health.”

Ambassadors@widercircle.com I 601-265-1110

Ambassador Spotlight: Mrs. Jones

Ambassador Mrs. Jones, led her first event. Members made 40 “May Baskets” and 40 goodie bags for the ladies and gentlemen at a local nursing home. Mrs. Jones’ shared her idea and then organized and led the event. Mrs. Jones, who is very artistic and talented, showed members how to gather some materials, create a work of art and bring it to life. Our members are excited for next month’s craft event when she will teach them to make their own wreaths for their homes.