About Us

Our Story

In 2015, Wider Circle co-founders Moshe Pinto and Darin Buxbaum set out to help Americans get the care they deserve. They were inspired by the healthcare challenges they saw their own parents and grandparents face, and knew there had to be a better way.

Through rigorous testing and research, our team learned that the most effective approach to enabling better health and independence is to integrate support and services at the community level, making it easier for neighbors to take care of one another.

Our Member Ambassadors lie at the heart of our peer-based community care system. These able members are a go-to, trusted resource for their neighbors, volunteering their time to lend a hand and share life experiences with others just like them.

Today, Wider Circle is proud to bring its unique neighborhood care programs to more than 320 communities in 5 different languages.

Being together in a community is critical to our health. Everyone needs a friend.

– Moshe Pinto, CEO
Our Why

We Believe Everyone Deserves to be Healthy.

That’s why we’re setting out to solve the last mile of healthcare by building neighborhood groups that empower members to motivate and support each other to get the care they need, when they need it, where they need it. Through peer-to-peer engagement rooted in trust, Wider Circle restores the community support network essential to managing better health, improving social determinants of health, and providing a better member experience with lower healthcare costs.

Our Guiding Principles

These are the values we live and work by — for our partners, our members and each other.

  • Care


    We authentically care about each other and our members because our mission takes a village to realize.

  • Be Trustworthy

    Be Trustworthy

    We strive to be a trusted friend inside the office and out in the field. Trust is the foundation of our Circle.

  • Be Accountable

    Be Accountable

    We take ownership of our actions, communicate our commitments and work consistently to deliver on them.

  • Embrace Diversity

    Embrace Diversity

    Different voices and perspectives make us better and we cherish diversity of thought and experience.

  • Be Tenacious

    Be Tenacious

    We persist in the face of adversity and embrace it. We are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

  • Be Transparent

    Be Transparent

    We speak openly to our members, partners and each other because they trust us and rely on us.

Meet a Few
of Our Crew

In order to help solve the last mile of healthcare, it takes a passionate and diverse team made up of the best of technology, healthcare, operations and those who simply want to make a difference in their communities. Meet a few of our crew.

Denise Raach Doyle

Ambassador Manager

“I love being there for members and fellow employees when they need something, even if it is just a quick meme on a bad day! “

Arika Quick

Director of Ambassador Engagement

“The connections, the authentic relationships, and the kindness help foster an environment of support unlike any I have ever witnessed. That is why it is my honor to work with Ambassadors, Wider Circles true heroes.”

Nathan Lindo

Senior Systems Administrator

“It’s a privilege to know that the work I do with my team literally helps give people a better outlook about their life and health.”

Sandy Martinez

Medicaid Specialist, South California

“It brings me much joy to be part of a large, loving, close-knit family, and finding the same feeling in my job with my Wider Circle community is really a blessing.”

Miguel Loyola

Community Engagement Specialist, Riverside, California

“Building trust with our members is the key to building healthier communities. That’s why I strive to be a reliable person and conduct myself with integrity while doing everything I can to help others.”

Dat Nguyen

Senior Director, Operations

“Wider Circle gives me the ability to directly impact member lives at the root level.”

Doris Dorenbaum

Community Partner Liaison

“Our members often say to me that Wider Circle has been a godsend to them. I could say the same for myself. It’s the most important and impactful work I’ve ever done.”

Yolanda Salinas

Ambassador, Northern California

“I value having a voice and being in a position to influence the future of my community. It’s a special opportunity that I take seriously and do with pride.”

Senior Leadership

Moshe Pinto

Chairperson of the Board

“Supporting Wider Circle’s senior leadership team in our journey to improve health in communities nationwide is an honor of a lifetime.”

Darin Buxbaum


“My mission as a leader of this organization is to always do the right thing for my team members and for our community members.”

Headshot of Wider Circle CMO Claude Pinnock

Claude Pinnock, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer

“We are able to tackle health at the preventative stage and in a way that engenders trust and support within the confines of cultural commonality in order to truly make a lasting impact on the members we serve. How cool is that?”

Brett Zelkind

Chief Strategy Officer

“It is a privilege to be a thread in the tapestry of community building that is Wider Circle. Seeing the life changing support members provide to each other fills me with a profound sense of purpose and gratitude.”

Krystee Knapic

Senior Vice President of Program Operations

“Working for an organization like Wider Circle gives me a great sense of purpose, knowing that we are impacting the lives of many individuals each and every day.”

Matthew Diacont

Vice President of Field Operations

“I like to know that the work I do makes a positive difference in the lives of others in our community, and within the organization itself.”

Dr. Thomas Carlough

CTO and Senior Vice President of Technology

“As a clinician, I’ve come to realize that the real goal is to empower patients with information and to foster the right social dynamics so that when the time comes to make a decision they have the support they need to make the right one.”

Max Shneider

Vice President of Engineering

“At Wider Circle, it’s really about peers connecting other peers to inspire better health and happiness. What an honor that I get to help build the platforms that help enable that peer-to-peer engagement and experience at scale.”

David Mahler

Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration

“We’re tackling hard problems to battle health inequity and have a positive impact on millions of lives. I’m proud to invest my time to see this vision become a reality.”

David Hoffman

Vice President of Human Resources

“At Wider Circle we are working to create community, to build bridges and to care for vulnerable people. I’m proud to put my energy into these efforts and my North Star is to make sure everyone who joins us to work towards our mission has a great experience at work.”

Melissa Gallagher

Vice President of Account Management

“Maya Angelou said: ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, people will never forget how you made them feel.’ I love and appreciate our mission and extend that passion to serving not just our members, but our client partners as well.”

Bill Friedman

Vice President of Sales

“Creating a smoother and more connected member experience is a critical gap to fill. Wider Circle allows me to fulfill that goal with a robust solution that just feels good. I love that we deliver a happier, healthier and more human experience for our members.”

Riaz Ali

Chief Marketing Officer

“Wider Circle at it’s heart is about the tens of thousands of communities of neighbors who are helping each other in big and small ways. Our charge is to build the engine that empowers and activates our communities – big and small – toward better health.”

Interested in making a difference in your community? Come work with us!