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Our Story

    In 2015, Wider Circle set out to find a better way to help Americans thrive at any age. For some, that means easier access to transportation to get where we need to go. For others, it’s doing what we love while making new connections. Or maybe we have a health issue and need support from someone who’s been there. Through rigorous testing and research, our team learned that the most effective approach to enabling better health and independence is to integrate support and services at the community level, making it easier for neighbors to take the best care of each other.

    While our approach would not be successful without the expertise of top-notch leadership and trained facilitators, attend any Wider Circle event and you will quickly discover that our member ambassadors lie at the heart of our program. These able members are a go-to, trusted resource for their neighbors, volunteering their time to lend a hand and share life experiences with others just like them.

    Today, Wider Circle, in partnership with equally passionate community sponsors and health plan partners, is proud to bring its unique neighborhood health programs to more than 320 communities.

Our Team

"‘Juntos Convivimos', or ‘Together We Live’, is our company mantra, which truly sums up the soul of our program: The power we have in our communities to take the best care of each other.” Wider Circle is working tirelessly around the nation to connect members with trusted neighbors to inform, support and motivate our most vulnerable populations on their path toward improved health."

Darin Buxbaum

Co-founder & President

"When we launched Wider Circle we set out on a mission to connect neighbors in an organic and meaningful way in order to improve and maintain their health. Today we partner with health plans nationally to help make vital peer-to-peer connections at scale, whether in person or virtually, that ultimately empower individuals to be more proactive about their well-being."

Moshe Pinto

Chief Executive Officer

“When I joined Wider Circle, I was overwhelmed by the care and kindness of the staff, volunteers [ambassadors] and fellow members. It isn’t easy leaving the comfort of your home to try something new, but I am so glad I did. Now I get to help others take that first step and build community together. It gives me great joy and purpose to be a part of this family.”

Pedro Chavez

President of Member Ambassador Program - San Mateo, CA

“This job is my dream come true – to be in my community and help the people who really need help feels less like a job and more like a privilege.”

April Vandiver

Group Facilitator - Long Beach, CA

“We are only going to be well as a society if we focus on overall wellness and not just disease. Wider Circle plays an essential role in helping health systems fill the gaps in care that are often missed in medicine today by providing members with access to the resources they need in a local setting they can trust.”

Dr. David Hodges, MD, FACC

Chief Medical Officer and Head of Englewood Healthcare Associates

“Throughout my years of experience managing older adult residences, I have seen first-hand the impact we as a community can make in serving our neighbors. At Wider Circle, we want ALL of our neighbors to experience the quality, quantity and accessibility of the resources we offer, made possible by the strength of community support from our many city, recreational and healthcare partners.”

Krystee Knapic

Vice President of Membership

Our Partners

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