Keep Your Patients on Track with Wider Circle’s Proven Peer-Based Approach to Improved Health

Keeping patients and your bottom line healthy is the ultimate balancing act. Wider Circle decreases avoidable utilization and cost of care by connecting Medicare and Medicaid members with a trusted neighborhood network, where they feel comfortable and motivated to engage in healthy activities and take better care of themselves. Plus, they are encouraged to seek preventative care before things get expensive and fraught with complications.

Our peer-based community care approach increases patient engagement and re-engages patients in managing their health at that critical last mile, through in-person and virtual programming that has been shown to bring more hard-to-reach patients into clinics for care, improve quality scores and health outcomes, and increase member NPS scores and retention.


3:1 ROI

$3 in savings for every $1 invested


PMPM Overall Savings


Lower Disenrollment Rate

14 fewer

Emergency Department Visits*

*Per 1,000 Wider Circle members versus general population.

How It Works

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1. Cluster

Our data team analyzes Medicare and Medicaid sponsors’ claims data, employing a proprietary grouping algorithm that produces clusters of patients likely to form loyal groups.

2. Engage

Engagement Specialists invite patients to meet other neighbors and our local culturally competent staff. They find hard-to-reach patients, build trust, address gaps in care and health inequities and extend the reach of providers’ care management teams into every community.

3. Recruit

In every group, Facilitators galvanize able neighbors to serve as community ambassadors who reinforce the community presence that residents know and trust.

4. Deliver

The end result is a flexible network of neighbors who trust one another and their providers, increasing the likelihood of engaging with preventative care and a better patient experience.


Connect for Life®

Our flagship offering engages members in an ongoing program that connects them to a trusted community, re-engages them in managing their health and leads to superior long-term outcomes.

Home Visits

We serve the near-term needs of our sponsors for a one-time engagement with members to close targeted care gaps and engage members who enrolled out of cycle. Our Home Visits are proven to accelerate risk identification and care coordination, and boost member satisfaction.

Our Programs Support Your Key Business Challenges

Cost Savings

Our programs have been shown to reduce utilization of costly urgent care and unnecessary in-patient stays by increasing preventative care, using a program with a proven ROI of 400%.

Health Outcomes

Our programs generate measurable improvements such as lower ED visits and IP stays, and increased preventative care and PCP visits. We generate improvements in members’ self-reported satisfaction with their health, targeting key CDC social determinants of health.

Health Equity

With our emphasis on cultural competency and meeting patients where and how they want, our programs drive greater health equity and improved outcomes for disadvantaged individuals, across age, culture, and income levels.

Patient Engagement

Our last-mile approach supercharges your clinical programs, helping drive patients to close care and quality gaps through an “economy of action” strategy that targets patients with the approach that works best for them.

Timely Patient Data

Our members often report developments with their health to Wider Circle through their neighborhood group or home visits, giving you early insight into changes that require your attention and intervention.

Competitive Positioning

Our Connect for Life program generates very high NPS scores and overall satisfaction and results in higher retention for the provider overall.

HITRUST Policies and Procedures

Wider Circle’s Connect for Life® program has achieved HITRUST CSF Certification to manage risk, improve security and privacy posture, and meet key compliance requirements.

Wider Circle has been an instrumental partner in helping us deliver on our mission to provide the power of care to everyone, one community at a time. Within the first year, we saw a 23% increase in annual wellness visits among participating Medicare Advantage patients. Plus, they are very easy to work with and highly responsive.
- Sasha Dhall, Vice President of Member Growth, Optum

Our Sponsors

We are proud to serve national and regional Medicare Advantage plans, Managed Care Organizations and provider groups, including:

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