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We Improve Quality And Satisfaction For Your Hard-to-Reach Members

Wider Circle is a peer-based community health organization that partners with health plans and providers to help close the last mile of healthcare for Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members.

By forming trusted groups of neighbors in a culturally-competent manner, Wider Circle restores the community support network critical for tackling the challenges in your members’ lives.

We act as a natural extension to your care coordination team, helping you improve your member engagement strategy and reach while improving key quality measures and addressing social determinants of health (SDoH) needs.


4:1 ROI

$4 in savings for every $1 invested


Lower Disenrollment


Lower Inpatient Utilization


Increased Annual Wellness Visits

*Outcomes data represents results observed in past deployments; results may vary.

How It Works

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1. Cluster

Our data team analyzes Medicare and Medicaid sponsors' claims data, employing a proprietary grouping algorithm that produces clusters of members likely to form loyal groups.

2. Engage

Engagement Specialists invite members to meet other neighbors and our local culturally competent staff. They find hard-to-reach members, build trust, address gaps in care and SDoH needs and extend the reach of sponsors' care management teams into every community.

3. Recruit

In every group, Facilitators galvanize able neighbors to serve as community ambassadors who reinforce the community presence that residents know and trust.

4. Deliver

The end result is a flexible network of members who trust one another, the sponsor and their providers. Circle members stay with their sponsor, engage with preventative care and have a better member experience.


Connect for Life®

Our flagship offering engages members in an ongoing program that connects them to a trusted community, re-engages them in managing their health and leads to superior long-term outcomes.

Home Visits

We serve the near-term needs of our sponsors for a one-time engagement with members to close targeted care gaps and engage members who enrolled out of cycle. Our Home Visits are proven to accelerate risk identification and care coordination, and boost member satisfaction.

Our Programs Support Your Key Business Challenges

Member Onboarding
and Retention

Our personalized, concierge-like approach helps each individual member better understand their benefits, supporting your goals of health promotion and improving the member experience.


Our trusted delivery network supports both general and targeted gap closure for improving health outcomes and quality.


Our programs help to ensure the risk profiles of your members are thoroughly understood and captured to support appropriate reimbursement.


Our Connect for Life Program boosts member self sufficiency and care navigation skills, and facilitates quality improvement activities, enabling better population MLR management.

Member Experience /

Our trusted peer-based network actively supports and solves problems for members, resulting in loyal evangelists and a way to influence increasingly weighted CAHPS scores.

SDoH and
Health Equity

SDoH needs require continuous interventions. We focus on the last mile of healthcare, so we are able to address the barriers preventing disadvantaged populations from getting the care they need and deserve.

Local Enablement

Our tailored, culturally competent programs educate and guide members on efficiently navigating networks, leveraging community resources and integrating emerging technology into their healthcare journey.

HITRUST Policies and Procedures

Wider Circle’s Connect for Life® program has achieved HITRUST CSF Certification to manage risk, improve security and privacy posture, and meet key compliance requirements.

Wider Circle has been an instrumental partner in helping us deliver on our mission to provide the power of care to everyone, one community at a time. Within the first year, we saw a 23% increase in annual wellness visits among participating Medicare Advantage patients. Plus, they are very easy to work with and highly responsive.
- Sasha Dhall, Vice President of Member Growth, Optum

Our Sponsors

We are proud to serve national and regional Medicare Advantage plans, Managed Care Organizations and provider groups, including:


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