The Wider Circle model is founded on building neighborhood circles to create a warm and trusted setting for members to come together for better health. So when COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders came along in March, we expanded our model to offer critical health and social support for so many vulnerable, homebound Americans. We have combined advanced technology with new on-the-ground partnerships like the Wider Circle/Helping Hands Community Food Circle Initiative as part of our COVID-19 Support Program. With the help of our partners, dedicated staff and volunteers, we have scaled to offer over 80,000 meal deliveries and over 75,000 buddy check-in calls to seniors and other Americans in need throughout California and beyond. Together as a community, we can and will fight COVID-19.

Watch the Food Circle Initiative in action!

Learn more about our COVID-19 suite of services focused on providing critical support to seniors and other vulnerable populations in over 135 communities across the country.

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