An Innovative Approach to Improving Healthcare Outcomes for Vulnerable Populations and Lowering Costs

As healthcare providers navigate the shift to value-based care and other alternative payment models, regulators acknowledge the impact that social and behavioral determinants of health (SBDoH) can have on improving a person’s wellbeing and lowering healthcare costs. Unfortunately, our current healthcare system is not set up to support a widespread model for payers and providers to address and directly reimburse for providing SBDoH related services.

Learn about an innovative vendor partnership model grounded in community-based intervention that is proven to improve health outcomes, lower costs and address health inequities for our most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, allowing for both provider and payer to capture measurable value from their investment.


About the Author:

Claude is Wider Circle’s Chief Medical Officer. He works for Wider Circle because its mission aligns with his belief in driving value-based healthcare and he has seen first hand the impact of community on patients and his own family. He is an alum from Cambridge University where he practiced clinically, Stanford Medicine where he was Director of Research Operations, and Facebook/Meta where he led global strategic partnerships and worked on the company’s Covid-19 response. You can reach Claude at

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Headshot of Wider Circle CMO Claude Pinnock

About the author: Claude Pinnock MD MPH - Chief Medical Officer